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    Tamani Elliott has developed a unique collection of art that many adore. Her friends state “her art is a gift from God”. Tamani has had no formal training in art. Her collection comes from the heart. Her mission statement is “One Idea Created From Love”. Tamani Elliott’s mother is an artist. It was truly in her blood to move forward with their family legacy to create, paint and manifest unique art on canvas.

    Tamani’s Collection comes from her life’s experiences. Julia Boutte a dear friend of Tamani’s was a key inspiration with bringing her art to life present time

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    writing essay today. Julia (Dionne Warwick’s Husbands nanny) connected with Tamani when they first meet in 1997. Their friendship blossomed until Julia’s death on December 9, 2000. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    Tamani has been working in field of entertainment for over a decade. During that time she was married to Dionne Warwick’s son. Julia was like a mother to Tamani. Though the last days of Julia’s life became challenging Tamani had an idea that she wanted to pursue painting. The painting was like therapy. The Juju collection was born from a friendship that will always be cherished.

    Tamani’s Collection is a true combination of various cultures and mosaic themes tied into bright colors representing joy of life. She desires her collection of art to bring happiness to all who support her creative expression. The sunset of Julia’s life birthed Tamani’s art, which she calls “The JuJu Collection